You are White Blood Cell X, a super strong cell invented by Doctor Efil. Your job is to save this important patient from Bactio-C, the world's deadliest stomach bacteria. You do not know who this patient is, but you know she is important for something...


The gameplay is reminiscent of the classic Space Invaders. Some new mechanics/features include song selection, score keeping, muting music, and a story (with a killer twist ending)! This game was created as my first project for my Game Development class, as well as for major fans of Poppy (such as myself).


Arrow keys left and right to move. Spacebar to shoot! 


I did everything for this game. Coding, animations,  art (everything except the parts listed below), and audio effects. I give credit for the music to Poppy (the original artist) who's music I had to heavily edit to avoid copyright laws. I did not create some backgrounds: the hospital, waiting room, and blood cell traveling came from adobe stock. Poppy's hospital scenes came from her video titled "I'm Poppy".  The burning building is from the anime Kyousogiga.  I also used the Alien Invaders starter template from Stencyl. 

*Note: The "Die" button is the exit button for a flash game. In the final screen it will take you back to the main menu. 

Edit: This version has updated UI for the feedback project! This includes a diegetic health bar, a meta blood splash, non-diegetic score, and a non-diegetic button. 

Thank you for playing my game!